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Dates:  April 6, 2024 at   Encinal Yacht Club
1251 Pacific Marina, Alameda, CA 94501
Registration opens at 7:30am, class starts at 8am

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This course is to prepare you for survival offshore in demanding situations and emergencies. As with any training, what you get is proportional to what you put into it. What you learn in this course may save your life and the lives of others in an emergency. We encourage you to give the course the effort and time it deserves.


The course is taught by experienced lifelong sailors. While the course is designed for sailors of all types and levels – cruisers, racers, novices, and experts, our focus in to help prepare you for the Pacific Cup race from San Francisco to Hawaii. The subject matter reflects the accumulated knowledge and lessons learned of the world-wide sailing community.

The course has two parts. The first part is the Online Offshore Safety at Sea Course. It is extensive and comprehensive. The online course will provide you with an excellent level of knowledge and is the starting point for the second part of the course.

The second part of the course is a full day of practical training. You will be updated with the latest information on key topics and then spend most of the day in hands-on training covering damage control, firefighting, emergency signaling, survival equipment, use of personal flotation devices, and life rafts.

Part 1: Online training (required. New or Upgrade)

This portion utilizes US Sailing’s Online Offshore Safety at Sea Course and is a prerequisite for the Part 2 Hand on Training.   You are required to register and complete this course.   You can purchase and register for the online class at:

This is not included in your Pacific Cup SAS registration fee. 

Cost of the Online Course: US Sailing Members, $125.00  (discount code found in your "My US Sailing" account under Member Coupons and Benefits). Non-members, $150.00.

The online course covers a broad range of material in depth. We are confident you will find this course quite valuable. There is an examination after each of the topics and at the end of the course. It is our goal to ensure you have a good understanding of the material because the second part starts at this level and further builds your knowledge. Please allow 12 to 16 hours to complete the online course. You must successfully complete the online course before the date of the in-person portion of the course. You must complete both the online course and the one-day hands-on course to receive the World Sailing approved Offshore Personal Survival Course certificate.

Participants who are renewing an International Hands-On (aka "ISAF") certificate and who have taken subjects 1-10 in the past may take just the refresher course here:

Cost of the Online Refresher Course: US Sailing Members, $45.00  (discount code found in your "My US Sailing" account under Member Coupons and Benefits). Non-members, $50.00.

The online course is available for your review for three months after you complete the course.

Part 2: Hands on Training (this session)

The practical training is a full day from 8 AM to 5 PM. The course will be a mix of inside training and outside exercises.   Please dress accordingly.

In-the-water training

Bring your inflatable personal flotation device (PFD) with tether, and foul weather gear (jacket, pants, boots/shoes). You will be jumping into the pool wearing your PFD and foul weather gear.  Also bring a change of clothes and bath towel.  There are showers available.  We recommend that you bring a duffle bag for your wet gear.

California Location: Encinal Yacht Club

Hawaii Location: Kaneohe Yacht Club

Registration is open from 0800 – 0830. The course starts promptly at 0830.

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Lunch: A box lunch and drink will be provided

Major topics to be covered in hands on practical training sessions include:

Flares require careful handling

  •  Lessons Learned & Updates: Lessons learned from recent incidents. Update on important safety requirements and communications items.
  •  Damage Control: The course covers typical damage control techniques and equipment.
  •  Firefighting:  This session discusses fire prevention and firefighting.
  •  Emergency Signaling (Flares): You will ignite various emergency signaling pyrotechnics
  •  Emergency and Safety Equipment: This session will have a display of common emergency and safety equipment, particularly personal equipment. We will discuss the use, pro’s, and con’s of this equipment. We will emphasize the latest trends and equipment.
  • PFD’s, Water Survival, and Life Rafts: This session will start with reviewing the proper wearing of your PFD and tether. You will then enter the pool with your foul weather gear and PFD to experience the inflation and use of your PFD. The Pac Cup team will guide you in the pool in practicing cold water individual and group survival techniques. You will learn the best ways to stay afloat, work as a team, and fight hypothermia. You will practice righting, boarding, and working as a crew in a life raft.


  • The curriculum is certified by US Sailing
  • The moderator meets the qualifications and training required for certification by US Sailing
  •  You will receive certification that you have completed a US Sailing sanctioned Offshore Safety at Sea course with hands-on training which complies with World Sailing’s Offshore Personal Survival Course guidelines.
  •  This certification is good for five years per US Sailing

Covid 19 Requirement

 At this time, we have suspended our vaccination proof requirements. If conditions change, however, we may restore a requirement..

Contact information:

For any questions regarding the International Offshore Safety at Sea with Hands-on Training course, please email