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I am a student from Sonoma county looking to get offshore experience. 

I want to do everything possible to get on a boat going either to or from Hawaii this summer, but I also do not want to mislead anybody about my skill set -- so here is something like my sailing resume: 

I have been sailing small boats since I was twelve, have casually crewed a couple of keel boats around SF bay, and currently sail my '75 international folkboat out of San Rafael at least once or twice a week.

I have also studied wooden boatbuilding at the Arques School in Sausalito for the last two years. That may not be perfectly relevant, but it has given me a huge respect for our sport's lore and tradition. Last year I took the school's celestial navigation class -- I'm no Captain Cook, but I can take accurate noon sights. 

My racing experience is null, and I understand that looking for a spot here is jumping into the deep end of the pool. 

However, I have these big ambitions of eventually going offshore in my own boat someday, and am on the quest for as much experience and knowledge as I can possibly get.

I don't complain, I don't need to be told to do something twice, and I am deeply obsessed with sailing.

If you are looking for somebody who will work hard and stay upbeat either way (or both ways) across the Pacific, please reach out -- I am motivated! 

Thank you and have a great day,

Henry Fliflet


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Rail Meat
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Early 20s
Been sailing several years, no offshore
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