This year we will have a 40ft Pasha shipping container going round trip: from Richmond Yacht Club to Kaneohe Yacht Club and returning back to Richmond after the race.  A space in the container can be reserved for each leg of the trip at the bottom of the page. 


Appointments to load and unload the container will be arranged based on vessels’ approximate finish times, to aid in the unloading process.  (Last gear in, First gear out). 

Container to Hawaii: Pre-Race loading will start on June 30th and appointments will be made available through July 8th at Richmond Yacht Club.

The container is expected to arrive in Kaneohe on approximately July 20th.  Unloading will be made available by appointment starting the 27th of July.  We understand that unloading is harder to schedule and will accommodate changes that need to be made.

Container to California: Post-race container loading will begin on July 29th and final appointments will be after the awards ceremony on Saturday the Aug 3rd. 

Final unloading in Richmond, will begin August 20th with the last appointments available on Sunday Sept 1st.   

Any questions about shipping or logistics?

Please reach out to Katie Cornetta, who will be arranging all aspects of the container’s shipment and loading at

Pricing is $300 per boat to Hawaii, and $400 per boat for the return. Indicate below which direction(s) you will want and any special needs.  There will be an additional charge for loads that take up more than a 6 x 4’ space in the container.  In this past this has only applied to boats greater than 55’.

Upon payment, you will be contacted to schedule loading and unloading appointments using the email address provided.


Looking to ship your boat?

Contact Cathy Nugent at Pasha Hawaii: (415)-927-5570

Which boat are you?
Please list the items you plan to ship. This is important to ensure that there is enough space for all entrant’s gear.

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a form to schedule your loading appointment(s).


Important Notes for container contents: 

-Any fuel jugs must be completely empty and bone-dry.  Outboard engines must also be completely emptied of fuel. 

-Hazardous cargo must be declared BEFORE loading, because hazmat paperwork needs to be done well in advance.  If it has not been OK-ed prior to your loading appointment, it cannot go in the container.  If you are in doubt whether something is deemed hazardous, please reach out to  Some examples of hazardous materials are: chemicals, propane tanks, batteries, fire-extinguishers.  (link for list of hazardous goods)

-If you have gear that is fragile or heavy, it is your responsibility to bring the proper means to secure and protect it during transit, ie. ratchet straps, padding, or boxes.