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I consider myself kind, polite, and laid back. My experience? I know enough about sailing to know there's always more to learn!

Here to grow my ocean experience in any sort of capacity on safety-minded boats. Happy to take any job that needs doing on the boat or assume any role. Looking for respectful fellow sailors that don't take themselves too seriously! :p

I have assumed paid delivery and double-handed a Cabo Rico 34 back from Hawaii in September--that's a story to tell. I've sailed around the West Coast a bit in Ventura, Morro Bay/Avila and the SF Bay Area. I have my own offshore gear.

I feel comfortable with my understanding of the Colregs, collision avoidance, navigating into and out of the SF Bay from the ocean, and general ocean safety. I feel comfortable standing watch solo; night or day and am flexible on watch schedule: 2 on, 2 off; 3 on, 3 off; etc etc.

I'm happy to cook/provision--this is something I've done on some sailing trips, and on many backpacking and bikepacking trips for different group sizes (where kitchens/refigeration do not exist or are limited!).

I race around the SF Bay, finished ASA 101, 103 and (working on) 104. I have Navigated a bit locally in the SF Bay and between San Francisco and Hawaii, I know the theory around weather patterns between San Francisco and Hawaii as well.

I'm a little comfortable celestial navigating.

I sometimes (but rarely) get seasick on the second day/night... And the occasional other blue moon depending on conditions.

My sailing resume includes sailing dinghy's, keel boats and crewing for races: spin trimmer, grinder, helm, etc etc. I have a lot of experience with symmetrical spinnakers, not as much with asymmetrics (but here to learn!). I have done bow/double handed dinghy's with symmetrical spinnakers. I have helmed a double handed Cabo Rico 34 in cyclones, squalls and 55 knot winds with 30 foot seas. I feel comfortable in heavy weather, or in light wind.

Drug/Smoke Free. Happy to imbibe on land or an equator crossing ;-)

I fixed up a Lido 14 rescued as a "free" boat from someone's back yard! That gave me some good boat maintenance and repair know-how. Some resin work... But it's been many years.

Before anything else, I try to stay safe through proper seamanship. I know enough about diesel engines to realize something is wrong or monitor gauges while motoring, but would need to reference your boat's specific manual for any large repairs/jobs.

I know my knots and lashings.

Happy to talk further, feel free to shoot me an email.

My Skills
Spin Trim
Engine Repair
Rail Meat
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Mid/Late 20s
Have crossed ocean at least once
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E: slo4cameron@

M: (510)250-7786