Michael Fagundo
Crew for a boat
SF to Hawaii
Hawaii to SF

Looking to get my first ocean crossing under my belt. I am an experienced keelboat skipper in good athletic shape and bring a fun, youthful energy to the boat.

I would love the opportunity to race in the Pac Cup, or assist in the delivery back. Willing to travel for practice.

My sailing background is as follows:

  • Dinghy Racing:
    • Hotchkiss School Sailing Captain
      • 3rd in High School Fleet Race nationals
    • Columbia University Sailing Team Co-captain 2014
  • Keelboat racing
    • Long Distance:
      • Swiftsure 2022 - Owner and Skipper in 100 mile offshore race
      • Northern Century 2022 - Trim/grinding on Farr 36 OD for 100 mile overnight race
    • Bat Out of Hell (Farr 30 Owner)
      • 1st Whidbey Summer Classic PHRF
      • 1st Puget Sound Championship PHRF
      • Strong experience w/ organizing crew and boat maintenance
  • Certifications:
    • US Sailing Offshore Safety (2022)
    • US Sailing Int'l Offshore Safety (attending in SD Feb 2024)

Please reach out if you are interested!

My Skills
Spin Trim
Rail Meat
Approximate Age
Mid/Late 20s
Some coastal or offshore with overnights